Data and Mapping Efforts
A list of mapping and data curation efforts in India
Neighbourhood Dashboard : Map based view of regional resources and volunteers by Reap Benefit
COVID SOS: Connecting distressed individuals with volunteers.
COVID Maps: Locate local stores that sell essentials
Economic Vulnerability Tracker A platform to enable data driven donations based on the economic vulnerability score of a region : Mapping people who need a meal in Mumbai
BBMP-Food for the needy: Bangalore map of centers distributing food for the needy
Outbreak control map by zones A district level zoning map
Google Maps: Query for food shelters/ night shelters, e.g. “food shelters in agra”, “night shelters in agra”
Region wise datasheets: Karnataka, Pune, Mumbai , Kolkata: Deep regional resources detailing local hospital information, mental health resources and local volunteer availability.
Curated Datasets by Sattva: Helping summarize COVID-19 related resource requests and availability
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