Helplines and Essentials
Essential Services Data A crowdsourced list of essential service providers (such as free food, police, ambulances, hospitals, mental well being counseling, delivery services, etc.) across the country by Please submit new entries here.
COVID-FYI A Compilation of doctors on call, government officers, helpline numbers and govt./private labs, etc.
Mental Health Resources Resources to help you get through tough times.
Support communities and helplines These are local Indian groups/NGO’s and informal facebook/ whatsapp/telegram or other relevant online groups.
Emergency Helpline Numbers Official numbers assisting the COVID-19 outbreak
COVID-19 Government / WHO Run Groups and Smartphone apps Official Telegram/Whatsapp groups/apps helping with COVID-19
COVID-19 Government Run Communications Pages These are official resources for state-level and national updates.
COVID-19 India Testing Centers and First Response Hospitals Approved Testing Centers and first response hospitals with their locations/contact number and capacity.
Quarantine Locations These are approved locations where infected patients can be quarantined.
Landlord Communication Template Template to request for a rent reduction during the crisis.
Stores open near you Crowdsourced list of verified stores and services operating in Bangalore during the shutdown
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