How to add content?
First step: Understand what’s present on the site - go through the various sections and the associated resources.
Improving a section:
There is a lot of data in social channels, facebook groups, whatsapp messages, telegram groups, local newspapers, etc. which gets lost in the forwards, posts and articles.
  • Find and add yourself to facebook/telegram groups and other sources and gather data based on people's conversations and posts. (e.g. there may be reports of a local effort by an NGO posted as an image in a group). There are good groups too,you just need to look for them. Some of these are groups available in this excel but there are so many more out there. Just observe these groups passively please because some of them are for people doing real on the ground kind of efforts. There’s always new posts/articles, so there’s always work to do!
  • Proactively dig in these groups and regional newspapers,etc and add data to the page. For instance, if you find a new initiative regarding business, add the link to the business section along with a description.
  • Note that we are NOT looking for news articles or linkedin posts. We are looking for :
    • actual projects that people are doing, e.g.
    • initiatives people are taking, e.g. an indian startup working on a ventilators -> link the actual startup
    • If someone has a detailed report shared in one of the groups thats not widely available but can be helpful for the rest of the community.
    • Any regional data that's not infection count related.
    • Any how-to’s and instructions for solving an issue (e.g how to organize help for daily wage laborers?).
  • We do best effort vetting for all the resources on this site. Use your judgement before linking a resource.
Adding a new section: Propose your section on the slack along with your document. We are eager to add new sections!
In pipeline: Mental health, docs to download, startups, telemedicine, shopping, etc.
Types of content to add:
  • We want to be able to compile and showcase all kinds of efforts other people are doing to help combat COVID-19 in India and give them a platform and a voice.
  • We want to be able to share the learnings of one relief/aid group with another and build a knowledge base which anyone can refer to.
  • We want to fill gaps in data missing from other platforms - we can and should of course feed this data back to other platforms too, e.g. if you find a new NGO,etc.
  • We will prioritize India specific resources on this page, global resources are _ok_ but there's a lot of local regional efforts that google misses.
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