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There are no coding skills necessary to contribute content! This is a community driven project. You can make improvements too! Join our slack and read the pinned messages to get access to edit our pages.

✏️ Instructions

  • Find “India specific”- REGIONAL resources about the novel Coronavirus, add the link/data in one of the relevant subsections/sub documents.
  • There are already many good sources doing infection tracking in India - please link them as you find them. However, this page is not intended to be another infection tracking mechanism - we want to instead organize local knowledge and efforts to help people easily discover India-specific COVID-19 related information and resources. Time is of the essence and crowdsourcing is the way to scale our development efforts.
  • This page and project is evolving, don’t hesitate to address any shortcomings you see! We suggest discussing ideas on the slack channel before making major changes.
  • Note: Please list your source when editing the linked documents. If the source is not verifiable, the entry will be eventually removed.

Have 1 hour to spare?

Add Content: Find and add new relevant content to one of the pages on the handbook.
Modify Content: Find an error? Find an updated resource link/datapoint? Modify the handbook to reflect this.
Suggest Deletions: Find something factually inaccurate or off topic? Suggest the moderators to delete it
Suggest Improvements: Use the slack, be vocal, get your voice heard. We will do our best to address your comments.
Share the page: Invite your friends to the page, share on social media, help get us off the ground!
Add to our datasheet: Find an article or source which can potentially help others? Add it to our database.
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