Innovation and Startups
Startups vs COVID 19 A compilation of initiatives taken by Indian startups to help with the COVID 19 crisis
Getting started @ Startups vs. COVID Useful launch point for getting into the fight.
How to create a COVID-19 mobile app for your region? Help your community find COVID-19 related support resources by creating a simple phone app by following this procedure. Explore the Bangalore App & Pune App.
Create a minisite for your neighborhood A simple community site creation tool that carries all of the information needed for people in your neighborhood in one place so you’re not struggling to find it from a dozen different websites.
COVID-19 Hackathon Outcomes Apps/solutions from Indian hackathons
Data Drop This is an unvetted collection of potentially useful data mined from Whatsapp/ Telegram/ Facebook/ Twitter, etc. You can volunteer to organize this section and submit content as well, please contact us on slack for permissions.
Open Source IISc COVID-19 projects Consolidated list of COVID-19 related efforts at the institute
COVID-19 India Datasets Community collected, cleaned and organized COVID-19 India datasets
COVID-19 Innovations Deployment Accelerator Initiative to help fast-track promising innovations for pilot deployment, scaling through industry partnership, navigating regulatory pathway and connecting with investors.
ACT grants Backing India’s best start-up founders and deserving volunteers to combat Covid-19 using existing start-up assets.
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