Community Organization and Volunteering Resources
Collecting playbooks and strategies for volunteers and affected individuals
Learning from discussions of the Bangalore Changemaker group
This tool by Swasti helps you easily calculate costs related to basic food and essentials per family, which you can then use to raise/mobilise funding. See all tools here.
DIY Ventilators, masks, hand sanitizer and other critical and non-critical supplies for when the resource crunch begins to occur.
List of open opportunities
Learning how to self-organize and perform common COVID-19 related response tasks. Some resources here are from other COVID-19 affected countries, with references to what works and what doesn’t.
An attempt to bring together experts & practitioners from relevant fields and to put together a set of guidelines that will help Civil Society Organizations, to focus their work, amplify efforts and provide support to the sections of society that need it the most by the Azim Premji Foundation.

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